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Genevieve VenJohnson
Apr 08, 2021
In General Discussions
Winter's gray days have ended. The sun lingers longer in the west, dulling the fanfare of moonrise. No matter. I feel the pull of her transformation within my own earthly being. I feel my systems rock and wave in concert with the lake at the end of the street. Nature tells us, we're returning to life. We're stretching into new. We are wondering...what died for good, in 2020? Beyond reason, we fantasize the many things we endured these past 12 months will be gone forever. Snow fell, the ground froze, and we allowed that peace to console our ragged, weary hearts and souls. I stepped into a garden sanctuary last year, just as the world began closing its doors and shutting the lights. I found beauty indoors, when the world turned dark and threatening. Scorched Earth outside; new love and joy inside. Now, fire in the bud springs forth with a story yet to be understood. We watch green sprouts push aside decay, and recognize ourselves reflected in it's blades. The wind whips up, and showers come. Nature's yearly conspiracy to rouse the human beast from indolent slumber, for yet another cycle of growth; ready or not. Listen in... The message? Activate this code. Engage the mission: Let's get growing.
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Genevieve VenJohnson

Genevieve VenJohnson

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